A Call to COP25 Negotiators: Focus on Energy Efficiency

A Call to COP25 Negotiators: Focus on Energy Efficiency

As you gather in Madrid, we urge you to support more aggressive energy efficiency policies and investments to meet national and global climate goals.

Our biggest challenge is to decrease carbon emissions while supporting economic growth. While shifting to renewable energy sources is critical, renewables cannot expand quickly enough to stabilize carbon emissions unless we reduce growth in energy demand through efficiency.

The International Energy Agency recognizes energy efficiency as the “single most important element” for reducing emissions. A 3% annual efficiency improvement would also deliver nearly half of the emissions cuts needed to meet the Paris Agreement goals—more quickly and at less cost than alternative approaches.

Governments and the private sector must work together to provide the financial, technical, and institutional means to improve energy efficiency in every sector.

As you meet in Madrid and discuss updated commitments under the Paris Agreement, we urge you to put ambitious energy efficiency policies, programs, and financing at the top of the agenda. Without an aggressive global commitment to efficiency, we will be neglecting the single most effective tool in our climate solution toolbox.

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